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With the increase of aging, reading glasses, as a common item in the daily life of middle-aged and elderly people, have gradually become the main choice of gift-giving. Send your parents, send your elders, send your mentor, love him/her, and give him the best care. It is urgent to protect your glasses. Send our reading glasses to your, and you will get a thoughtful one.


Retro is a display of individuality, and it is not a constant layer. It deposits the essence of each era and continues. It is a continuous persistence. Regarding reading glasses, we are the same obsessive, pursuing the details of every aspect and carefully studying everyone’s taste.


product details:
Curved temples
Shaped design, smooth sliding and simple operation. The material is environmentally friendly and solid.


One piece nose pads
The soft one-piece nose pads are designed to fit the bridge of the nose and bid farewell to the red mark.


Sturdy hinge
Reinforced hinge components, the temples open and close smoothly and fit your face.


Reading glasses age and degree reference table
age degree
45-49 years old +100 degrees
50-54 years old +150 degrees
55-59 years old +200 degrees
60-64 years old +250 degrees
65-69 years old +300 degrees
70-75 years old +350 degrees
Over 75 years old +400 degrees


Side view of reading glassesDisplay of reading glasses from all anglesSend parents reading glasses, give him a caring giftEUGENIA Honor


Company Profile:
Founded in 2003, Wenzhou Eugenia Eyewear Factory is one of the leader suppliers of sunglasses, reading glasses, and eyewear accessories in Wenzhou China. We have built our good reputation by providing high-quality products and value-added solutions in the industry. There are more than 2000 designs in our show room. And our professional designer team can make new designs every week. Most importantly, the home laboratory and strict QC team guarantee your brand quality. We are ready to provide you excellent service and products. We had the honor to serve some of brand companies all over the world such as PRIVE REVAUX, Krys, Target, GrandVision, TravelBlue, Walgreens and so on. Looking forward to your joining us.


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[Protection of reading glasses]
1. One-handed removal will damage the left-right balance of the frame and cause deformation. It is recommended that you hold the mirror legs with both hands and remove them in parallel directions on both sides of your cheeks.
2. Fold the left temple first when taking and putting it on, which will not easily cause deformation of the frame.
3. It is recommended to rinse the glasses with clean water and use a paper towel to absorb the water, and then use the glasses cloth to try to wipe. You need to hold the frame edge wire on the side of the wiping lens and gently wipe the lens to avoid excessive force causing damage to the frame or lens.


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