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How to Use Sunglasses as Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

Now that we’ve established the idea that sunglasses can help protect your eyes from harmful blue light, you may wonder how effective these might be and how much protection they can provide compared to simple computer glasses or blue light glasses. The answer is simple: Sunglasses can be very effective in blocking blue light. However, this depends on the tints of your sunglasses’ lenses. It may not be the most practical option, especially in an indoor setting.


On the contrary, photochromic lenses will help you adjust the outdoor and indoor lights, protect you from the sun's harmful UV rays and provide protection from blue light from all digital devices or screens. If you are outside, sitting on your balcony or in a park and working on your laptop or staring at your smartphone, your sunglasses can be useful. They’ll protect your eyes from the sun's harmful rays in addition to the blue light rays emanating from your laptop screen or phone. If you happen to be indoors and using digital screens, then computer glasses or blue light glasses will give you better protection.


Would you like to have the best of both worlds? You’ll be able to have sunglasses outdoors and a protection from blue light indoors with photochromic! You can enjoy spending time outdoors and indoors while having your eyes protected at all times without having to remove or switch your glasses!

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