Why Should you Choose Sunglasses Women

November 18,2021

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For many women, sunglasses are also an essential fashion item in summer. Different styles of sunglasses can also create different styles. But some people think it is not necessary to wear sunglasses. Today, in this blog post, I‘ll tell you about the functions of women sunglasses.

Five Functions of Women's Sunglasses


sunglasses women oversize supplier, wholesaler, manufacturer


✔️ Avoid injury to the retina


There are more ultraviolet rays in the sun's rays. Excessive ultraviolet rays will directly damage the retina and cornea. However, wearing women's sunglasses can well withstand exposure to ultraviolet rays, thereby avoiding damage to the retina.


✔️ Anti-dust


In addition to blocking ultraviolet rays, wearing women’s sunglasses can better prevent dust particles from entering human eyes in some windy weather, which can also protect the eyes to a certain extent.


✔️ Avoid strong light


When the eye receives too much light, it will cause the iris to shrink. If the eye shrinks too much, it will cause serious damage and affect the eye.

At this time, wearing women's sunglasses can well reduce the adjustment burden of the eye ciliary muscle under strong light, so that we can better observe objects under natural light and make our eyes more comfortable.


✔️ Eliminate light


It is understood that the frequency of light that human eyes can recognize is limited, and many frequencies of light cannot be fully distinguished by human eyes. At this time, wearing women's sunglasses can avoid this problem.


✔️ Avoid glare


I believe everyone is familiar with the light reflection on the water surface. Wearing women's sunglasses can better avoid some of the damage caused by glare.


How to Choose Women Sunglasses 


sunglasses women oversize supplier, wholesaler, manufacturer


Different people have different goals when choosing sunglasses. Some people emphasize the decorative role of sunglasses, while others emphasize practicality. Sunglasses come in a variety of colors, and different colors will bring different decorative effects, and similarly, they will also have different protective effects on the eyes.


  • Decorative effect


Light blue, pink, and yellow sunglasses have become the darling of fashionistas because of their gorgeous colors. This kind of color sunglasses is more decorative than practical. Its anti-ultraviolet and anti-glare properties are the same as ordinary sunglasses.


  • Practicality


If you emphasize the shading effect, please choose gray, blue-gray sunglasses. Of course, green and dark green are also good choices. If your eyes are prone to fatigue, you can choose green or water silver sunglasses to effectively prevent eye fatigue. The brown sunglasses have become the love of drivers' friends because of their good anti-glare effect.


Many people only pay attention to the appearance of the sunglasses when choosing sunglasses, but ignore the quality of the sunglasses. Therefore, Eugenia Eyewear Factory recommends that you pay attention to the quality when choosing sunglasses to prevent inferior sunglasses from damaging your eyes.


Regarding the color selection of sunglasses, generally speaking, the best lens colors for sunglasses are light-colored lenses such as brown, gray, and green. This type of lens has better visual and protective effects.


Of course, if you just use women sunglasses oversize as makeup or collocation, you can choose bright lens colors to highlight your charm.


In a word, the above is an introduction to the functions and selection methods of women sunglasses. If you need a sunglasses women oversize exporter, you contact us.

sunglasses women oversize supplier, wholesaler, manufacturer