When should I Wear Reading Glasses?

May 31,2022

Presbyopia is a symptom that everyone has. The elderly generally need to wear reading glasses when they have the following symptoms.


reading glasses


Close work or reading difficulties


When reading, you need to take the book far away, or you need to read in a place with strong light to see clearly.




With the decline of accommodation, reading needs gradually approach the limit of accommodation, that is, when reading, almost all the accommodation of the eyes should be used, which leads to the inability to use the eyes for a long time. At the same time, overregulation is prone to eye swelling, headache, and other visual fatigue symptoms.


For myopic people, need to take off their glasses or pull away from the reading materials when reading closely, which is also a manifestation of old flowers


If you have presbyopia and are forced to hold on without reading glasses, your eye ciliary muscles will be too tired, which will certainly aggravate the difficulties in reading, produce many symptoms such as dizziness and eye swelling, and affect your life and work. This is very unwise. Therefore, presbyopic glasses should be matched as soon as possible, and do not use a single age as the standard.


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