What are the Misunderstandings of Wearing Reading Glasses?

April 02,2022

People tend to be dazzled in middle and old age, so it is essential to choose a suitable pair of presbyopia glasses. Wearing presbyopic glasses is also very learned. Otherwise, wearing inappropriate glasses will not only alleviate the dazzle but also backfire. So, what are the misunderstandings of wearing reading glasses?


reading glasses


Buy a cheap pair


Many middle-aged and elderly people buy reading glasses on the street because they want to be cheap. However, too cheap lenses may be industrial glass rather than optical lenses, with many impurities and unclear. These lenses cannot block ultraviolet rays. Wearing them for a long time will aggravate eye fatigue, even cause dizziness and nausea, and aggravate the condition of dazzle.


In addition, cheap glasses bought on the street often have the same degree for both eyes, so such glasses are not suitable for everyone to wear. Because some middle-aged and elderly people have different degrees of presbyopia in their eyes, in addition to presbyopia, some people may also have vision problems such as myopia, astigmatism, and other refractive errors.


It can be seen that buying a pair of reading glasses casually can not guarantee the best visual effect, but also lead to visual fatigue, which is not worth the loss.


Wear a pair of reading glasses to the end


Many middle-aged and elderly people believe that as long as they are equipped with a pair of reading glasses, they can always use them and replace them when they are worn out. This understanding is wrong. The condition of presbyopia will change over time. With age, the eyeball crystal will harden and thicken, and the adjustment ability of the eye ciliary muscle will also decrease, resulting in the reduction of zoom ability: when looking at near objects, the objects will become blurred because the image cannot be fully focused.


Therefore, even if you have been equipped with appropriate reading glasses, you should remember to go to the hospital for inspection in 3 ~ 5 years to replace the appropriate glasses.


Magnifying glass instead of reading glasses


Some old people are too tired to wear reading glasses. They often read books and newspapers with magnifying glasses. This practice is also unscientific. Using magnifying glass instead of reading glasses is to "indulge" your vision, which will hurt your eyes over time.


Although the magnifying glass is the same as the presbyopic lens, which can magnify the object, the presbyopic lens is measured and customized according to the specific conditions of each eye, which is very different from the magnifying glass. The elderly use reading glasses, first, to see the words clearly, and second, to maintain their eyesight and protect their eyes; The magnifying glass can not protect the eyes. If it is used for a long time, it will lead to acid swelling, fatigue, and discomfort of the eyes, and can be accompanied by headache.


Therefore, the magnifying glass is only suitable for temporary use on certain occasions or special circumstances.


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