TAC Polarizing Lens Features

August 25,2022

Polarized lenses are now widely used lenses. Many polarized sunglasses and sports glasses use polarized lenses. TAC polarized lens is a good lens in sunglasses lens material and is also widely used.


TAC polarizing lens


TAC polarizing lens features


  1. TAC polarizer is made of 7 layers of composite materials. In line with the national solar lens standard and UV400 ultraviolet standard, protecting eyes in all aspects. The first layer is the polarizing layer, which is the core of the lens, providing more than 99% polarizing effect and effectively absorbing glare. The second and third layers are adhesive layers, which can effectively resist cutting, baking, drying and bending, cutting, and stand the test of a harsh environment. The fourth and fifth layers are ultraviolet absorption layers, which can absorb more than 99% UV ultraviolet rays. The sixth and seventh layers are anti-impact layers, which improve toughness and impact resistance, prevent lens scratching and prolong lens life.


  1. TAC polarizer can effectively reduce the strong light, eliminate the dazzling reflected light and scattered light, make the messy light into parallel light, and make the visual object clear, soft and clear.


  1. The polarizing Angle and radian of the TAC polarizing lens are professionally designed and processed. So wearers will not have the feeling of scenery distortion and vertigo.


  1. TAC polarizing lens is extremely light and thin, can be arbitrarily cut, sports style is most used (thickness 0.7mm, 1.1mm).
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