Should Children Wear Sunglasses?

December 13,2022

Many parents give their children sunglasses to protect their eyes when they are outdoors. But are sunglasses suitable for children? Let's discuss it.




Are children suitable to wear sunglasses?


Yes, they are, but not all the time.


The cornea, lens and retina of the eye are susceptible to UV damage. Children's eyes are not yet fully developed and UV rays are more likely to reach the retina. If exposed to strong sunlight for long periods, children's corneal epithelium can be damaged, which in turn can burn the macula of the retina.


They have UV protection and can be worn by children because they protect their eyes from UV damage.


How old can children wear sunglasses?


Children under the age of 6 should not wear sunglasses for long periods.


The eyes of children under 6 years of age are not yet mature enough for normal light to effectively stimulate the macular region of the retina to promote visual development. Excessive wearing can result in poor imaging of the retina. This is likely to result in amblyopia in the long term. Therefore, long-term sunglass wear is not recommended for children under 6 years of age.


How long should children wear sunglasses?


Too much UV light can damage the eyes, for example at the beach in summer. In such cases, children under 6 years of age may also choose to wear suitable one. This will protect the eyes from UV damage. However, it is best to limit the time spent with sunglasses to one or two hours and to remove them indoors or in the shade.