Importance Of Wearing Glasses

March 18,2022

Many myopia patients are unwilling to wear glasses. On the one hand, they are afraid of affecting their appearance. On the other hand, they are worried that if they wear myopia glasses, the situation will become more serious. In fact,it is not the case. This paper will introduce the importance of wearing a pair of glasses if you’re a myopia patient.


optical glasses


Correct Vision


Myopia can't focus the distant light on the retina, resulting in unclear distant objects. After wearing glasses, you can get a clear image, so that your vision can be corrected.


Reduce Contempt Fatigue


Myopia without glasses is very easy to fatigue. The result can only deepen the degree. After wearing glasses normally, the phenomenon of visual fatigue will be greatly reduced.


Prevention And Treatment Of Exophthalmos


When myopia looks close, the regulatory effect of the eye is weakened. Over time, the effect of the external rectus muscle exceeds that of the internal rectus muscle, which will cause exotropia. Of course, myopia with exotropia can still be corrected by myopia.


Prevent Exophthalmos


Because the eyeball of teenagers is still in the development stage, regulatory myopia is very easy to develop into axial myopia. Especially for high myopia, the anterior posterior diameter of the eyeball is significantly prolonged, and the appearance is exophthalmos. If myopia is corrected with glasses at the beginning, this situation will be reduced or even not occur.


Prevention And Treatment Of Amblyopia


Myopia without wearing glasses in time often leads to ametropic amblyopia. As long as you wear appropriate glasses, after a long time of treatment, your vision will gradually improve.


In Conclusion


If you are myopia, get a pair of glasses right now. Or your eyesight will get worse and worse. The glasses are one of the ways to help us correct our eyesight. By the way, if you are looking for a pair of good glasses, Wenzhou Eugenia Eyewear Factory is a good choice for you.