How to Make Acetate Glasses?

June 16,2022

In order to obtain the highest quality, it is important to use the highest grade of cellulose acetate. Each framework has hundreds of complex processes, and many craftsmen have contributed to the final product.


acetate glasses


Cellulose acetate sheet


By mixing the organic color with acetone and raw acetate plant-based materials, a new acetate fiber combination is formed. The roller helps to mix the paste onto the already thin plate acetate to achieve a special color effect. Complex shading is produced by layering several colors and clamping them together or pressing them through various molds. The acetate film can be cut into small pieces and rolled again. These layers are molded into large blocks. The technicians then intricately sliced individual new sheets, which were dried in large kilns for several weeks to solidify the material.


Cutting and forming


According to the design input of technicians, the frame is cut and formed with a computer-controlled milling cutter. Then, each frame component is manually completed by different well-trained technicians. They form a curve at the front of the frame and press the core and hinge into the acetate material. They apply the nose support according to the design and manually complete many other functions.




The frame assembly is placed in a bucket about the size of a washing machine filled with sawdust and small stones. These components rolled together for hours. After that, each frame is polished by hand by experienced technicians to obtain a highly polished gloss.




Further technicians fix the arm to the frame with rivets and small screws. Insert the lens and adjust and clean the frame.


The experience level of the craftsman in each of the above steps directly affects the surface quality of the frame. Investment in high-quality technology can produce exquisite frames.


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