How to Grasp the Festival Promotion? Singapore 77 Sale Marketing Strategy

July 07,2022

  1. Update by time


The search ranking of new products will be higher than that of similar products. Small batches of new products will be launched at different times of the day, which is conducive to the continuous exposure of stores.


The number of new products is not much. Stick to the new products every day. Remember to keep it up for 14 days. Take 14 days as a cycle, don't stop, and recalculate if it's interrupted. When it's new, you can cooperate with fans to expose new products more effectively. If it's not new, you can increase the exposure of products by refreshing product information (such as updating inventory, price, etc.).


77 sale


  1. Manual top item


Suggestions for manually topping products


  • It is recommended that you frequently top the new products in the store;


  • Carefully use the top function for hot goods that have accumulated a certain flow.


  1. Follow fans


Fans are an important source of natural flow and orders of the store. In the early stage of store operation, rising fans are an important link in the operation. Sellers can take the initiative to pay attention to fans and increase the exposure of the store. At the same time, low price promotion can also help store drainage, increase the number of fans, and lay a good foundation for operation.


After the store has accumulated a certain amount of fans, the seller can plan some theme activities in the store. Such activities are conducive to improving the repurchase rate and establishing a fixed fan group. At the same time, they may also increase the exposure rate, expand new customers, form a virtuous circle, and improve the sales volume of the store.


  1. Search ranking mechanism


Follow up the hot search words, optimize the product name and description, improve the search exposure probability, optimize the title of your products, find your competitive products, check the hot words that match the competitive products, add them to your title, and bring exposure to your products.


  1. Drainage outside the station - Category


  • The selection focuses on the trend products with high-cost performance. According to the market dynamics provided by the customer manager every week, and the soaring product function, we will create our popular products.


  • Select products according to target customers (60% - 70% of users are young women, and pay attention to fashionable products within cost performance).


  • Select products according to the suggestions of the customer manager (the customer manager will provide the seller with market trends of each site every week).


  • On the top of the selection, pay attention to the category (popular clothing/ beauty care/ mother and baby products/ watch accessories/ home decoration).


  • Category expansion: Men's clothing/ others.