How To Maintain Sunglasses?

April 15,2022

Sunglasses are necessary accessories for many people in summer. Then, do you know how to maintain the sunglasses to prolong their service life? Let’s see.




  1. Lens daily cleaning. In daily life, we should pay attention to the cleaning of sunglasses. If necessary, we can wash them with professional detergent or water. After cleaning, we can gently press and suck them with a clean paper towel until the water drops dry. It is best not to remove the stains on the lenses with hands or nails. Special attention: the glasses with polarizing lenses cannot be cleaned with ultrasonic, otherwise the polarizing effect will be damaged.
  2. Do not place at high temperature. If the temperature is too high, the sunglasses may be deformed, especially the sunglasses with plastic frames that are hardly heat resistant. Put it in a place where the sun is easy to shine for a long time, because the mirror frame is easy to fade under the connection of light and heat.
  3. How to wipe. When wiping sunglasses, you should wipe them with a special cloth. At the same time, pay attention that the lens should not touch hard objects. Do not wipe the lens with your fingers. Please wipe the lens with a clean mirror cloth to reduce lens wear.
  4. Avoid contact with chemicals. For instance, chemicals, such as perfume, pesticides, and so on, avoid chemical etching of lenses and frames to achieve better protection of sunglasses.
  5. Do not place the lens downward. When the glasses are not applicable, try to put the glasses into the glasses box, wrap the glasses with glasses cloth and put them into the box to avoid unnecessary damage to the glasses. Remember to take care of them carefully.
  6. Don't hang your sunglasses overhead. Many friends like to hang sunglasses on their heads. This is very incorrect, which will lead to the breakage of the hook. When not wearing, it should be carefully removed, placed in the glasses box, folded, and the mirror face up to avoid the lens facing down.


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