How To Choose Infrared Goggles Correctly?

November 18,2021

infrared eye protection goggles manufacturer, wholesaler

Infrared goggles can mainly play the role of protecting the eyes and preventing infrared or ultraviolet rays and other harmful light from entering the eyes and causing eye damage. It is also widely used, especially in the handicraft industry, electric welding, and other industries.


infrared eye protection goggles manufacturer, wholesaler


Purchase basis


  • Select according to frame material


Carbon fiber frame: a relatively new type of glasses material with light texture, light weight, good elasticity, high-temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, etc. In addition, it has higher strength than steel, lower density than aluminum, corrosion resistance than stainless steel, and high-temperature resistance than heat-resistant steel.


Pure titanium frame: medium and high-grade products, made of pure titanium, lighter than an ordinary metal frame, corrosion-resistant, and anti-allergy.


Plate frame: a trendy, fashionable, and classic frame, which has fine, good quality, durability, various colors, strong texture, easy processing, and no deformation at room temperature.


Titanium alloy frame: a special alloy, ultra-light and super elastic frame, which can be made very fine. Because it is an alloy of titanium and rare metals such as cobalt and chromium, it is very stable and will not produce skin allergies. It will have greater development and popularization in the next few decades.


TR90 frame: this frame can float in high concentration brine, and is wear-resistant, impact-resistant, and high temperature resistant. Because of its good flexibility, good elasticity and impact resistance, no toxicity, and anti-allergy, it is the most widely used mirror frame material at present.


PC frame: the frame has high strength, strong hardness, no deformation, rich colors, and can be translucent. It is often used for sunglasses or fashionable and decorative glasses. But its toughness is small, it is difficult to adapt to the head curve, and it is easy to break. Something with toughness must be added.


  • Select according to the lens material


Glass lens: glass lens has excellent optical performance and is also the best optical material. However, ordinary glass lenses are easy to break, with weak impact resistance and low safety.


Resin lens: resin has the characteristics of high-temperature resistance. The most remarkable feature of the resin lens is its lightweight, strong impact resistance, and high safety, but it is easy to wear and scratch.


PC lens: the impact resistance and fracture resistance of PC lens is stronger than those of resin lens. The weight is particularly light and the coloring line is also very good. The disadvantages are poor wear resistance and an unstable optical system.


TAC lens: TAC is made of solvent cast film. It has acid and alkali resistance, light texture, and high-cost performance, but it has poor wear resistance and unstable optical properties.


Nylon lens: Nylon lens has good elasticity, good optical performance, and strong impact resistance. It is mainly used as goggles. However, the wear resistance is poor and the production cost is relatively high.


Purchase skills


?Stability inspection


Place the mirror frame flat on the desktop, and the contact point shall not be suspended. If one side is high and the other is low, professionals must be required to adjust the mirror legs to achieve the effect of left-right balance and upper and lower symmetry.


?Special material mark


Titanium is a precious metal, so the mirror frame containing this material will have corresponding marks at the mirror legs: Ti-P / Ti-C: Ti is the mark containing titanium material, Ti-P represents pure titanium and ti-c represents titanium alloy.


?Quality inspection


  • Open and close the mirror leg to feel the elasticity, and it is required to open and close smoothly.


  • The welding position of the metal mirror frame shall be free of obvious welding trace, false welding, fracture, etc.


  • The stipules of the frame shall be symmetrical on both sides and firmly fixed.


  • Use your fingernails to gently pull the metal frame, and the paint surface is required to be free of scratches; For the mirror frame of the plastic plate, the surface shall be free of plastic particles and rough.


  • The mirror frame requires good flexibility, high adjustability, and appropriate tightness.


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infrared eye protection goggles manufacturer, wholesaler