Common Sense Of Sunglasses Purchase

November 10,2021

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There are many brands of sunglasses with different prices, ranging from ten or twenty yuan to thousands of yuan. In the face of a wide range of sunglasses, you may don't know which one to choose. Some look beautiful, but not practical; Some are very practical, either ugly or the price is too expensive! 

This blog will help you choose suitable sunglasses. After reading this blog, I believe you can choose suitable sunglasses for yourself.


wholesale clear frame round sunglasses manufacturer


The function of sunglasses


  • Anti-ultraviolet, blocks the strong light and protects the eyes.


  • Sunscreen protects eye skin from sunburn or melanin precipitation.


  • Anti-wrinkle, avoid being afraid of light and squinting, resulting in fine lines in the eyes.


  • Sand proof soil, especially the friends in the north, dust storm weather, sunglasses are really a refuge for your eyes!


How to choose sunglasses?


In choosing sunglasses, we mainly look at UV index, color, shape, material, and weight.


?UV index


UV index is simply the effect of filtering ultraviolet light. Regular sunglasses are 100% UV resistant, that is, we often see UV400 marked on the lens. Normal ordinary glasses we wear are generally UV360-380, so sunglasses are obviously different from ordinary glasses. Ordinary glasses can not replace sunglasses.




Color is also important. The best color of sunglasses is tea brown, gray-black, or gray-green. These darker colors are the best for visual effect and eye protection. Many people think black is the best color, but in fact, tea brown is the best color in sunglasses recognized by the industry. It can absorb 98% ultraviolet and infrared rays, and the color is mild and versatile. The most important thing is that gold and brown can filter blue light. People who drive or often work and exercise outdoors can consider gold and brown more.


Black or gray also has a high absorption rate of ultraviolet rays and can completely absorb infrared rays. However, too dark black and gray will affect the clarity of the visual field.


Green and gray lenses have the same absorption rate of light, but they will change the color of the vision. Not recommended for drivers.


In fact, other colorful sunglasses are slightly inferior in the light barrier. They mainly assist in matching skin color, and their greater function is to exist as accessories.




There are many shapes of sunglasses, mainly including the following categories. Choosing the right shape is like choosing the right hairstyle, which plays a great role in modifying the image of the whole person.


Square sunglasses: suitable for round faces to increase the sense of outline.


Round sunglasses: suitable for the square face with prominent contour.


Pilot sunglasses: pilot sunglasses, also known as toad mirror, is a very versatile shape. If you can't decide what shape of sunglasses to buy, then pilot sunglasses is an infallible choice.


Traveler sunglasses: Some people call them Hepburn mirrors. There are many people in this belt. It has a wide range of applicability and a little retro feel.


Cat's Eye sunglasses: suitable for a diamond or long oval face.


?Material and weight




Sunglasses mainly include PC sheets, glass sheets, resin sheets, nylon sheets, AC sheets, polarizers, and eccentric sheets.


PC sheet is tough, not easy to crack, and impact resistant. It is made of specially designated lens materials for sports glasses, and the price is higher than that of the acrylic lens;


Glass sheet: it has a slightly higher definition, but it is heavy and easy to break. Few people use it now;


Resin sheet: lightweight, high-temperature resistance, strong impact resistance, and can effectively block ultraviolet rays;


Nylon sheet: it is made of nylon, with high elasticity and strong impact resistance, but it is expensive, and large brands will use it;


TAC polarized sunglasses are the hottest in summer. Because polarizing glasses not only weaken the strong light in the sun but also avoid the situation that they can't open their eyes when driving and cycling. They can greatly reduce visual fatigue in the outdoor sun. Even if the outside sun is white, they won't be "blinded".




In addition to the material of the lens, the material of the frame is also very important.


At present, most of the frame materials in the market are CP materials, polycarbonate, epoxy resin, aluminum-magnesium alloy, and titanium materials.


The most commonly used are resin and alloy shelves. The resin is light and has a memory function (can be broken back). The alloy is stronger and not easy to deform, but the frame styles are more regular, and many are not as good-looking as resin.


The material and weight are often forgotten when choosing the style, but no matter what material you choose, remember to choose the most comfortable and lightest frame you feel to wear.




Generally speaking, the basic function of sunglasses is to reduce the stimulation of strong light, maintain clear vision without distortion, prevent ultraviolet radiation and avoid color distortion. If these functions are defective, it can not only play the role of sunglasses, but also lead to symptoms such as dizziness, sore eyes, slow response, color discrimination illusion, and even traffic accidents. Therefore, when we choose sunglasses, we can't only pay attention to the style and ignore its internal quality.


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