Classification of Sunglasses Lens Material

April 29,2022

Summer is coming, UV rays are stronger, many people wear sunglasses in order to shelter their eyes, there are many kinds of sunglasses lenses, so what material of sunglasses lenses is better? Let's take a look at it!


The classification of sunglasses lenses


sunglasses lenses


The lens appearance does not look very different, but different materials of the lens his security is a world of difference.


The four most common lenses on the market today are glass lenses, resin lenses, PC lenses, TAC lenses.


The 4 common types of lenses


✅Glass lenses


Although wear-resistant and better optical performance, but because the lens is heavy, so the use of gradually reduced.


✅Resin lenses


It is easy to color, light and impact resistant, so it has become one of the mainstream materials of popular sunglasses. However, resin lenses are easily chipped during the cutting process, and they will still break when they encounter a huge impact.


✅TAC lenses


It is one of the polymer materials with better light transmittance, TAC as sunglasses has the characteristics of acid and alkali resistant, light and thin texture, and high cost performance. However, TAC lenses have very poor wear resistance and less stable optical properties, and although they are inexpensive, they are finally abandoned by most foreign brands.


✅PC lenses


It is characterized by lightness, good tinting properties, better impact resistance, and therefore high price. But its advantages are also obvious, PC lenses can be considered as a revolutionary upgrade of traditional lenses: ① It overcomes the traditional TACs.


  1. It overcomes the spherical and astigmatic problems caused by the deformation of the traditional TAC lenses on the frame;


  1. PC lenses are also made of polymer material with strong impact resistance, 60 times more than glass lenses, 20 times more than TAC lenses and 10 times more than resin lenses, which is known as the safest material in the world. Therefore, it is also widely used in aerospace and military fields.


  1. PC lenses are very light, 37% lighter than the more common resin lenses, which can relieve the pressure of the lenses on the bridge of the nose.


  1. PC lenses do not easily turn yellow, while ordinary resin lenses easily turn yellow.


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