Can you repair a broken eyeglass frame?

June 06,2022

Glasses frame is broken can be repaired, you can use tape or use 520 glue to stick the glasses frame, but after sticking, the beauty of the glasses frame will be greatly affected, especially when using tape, from the outside can be clearly seen, you can also go to the optical store to replace a leg.


eyeglass frames


The way to repair broken eyeglass frames


There are many ways to repair the broken glasses frame, according to different materials, the repair method is also different, if it is plastic, you can use 520 glue to glue up the glasses frame, but this method is not good, after sticking up is also very easy to break, do not believe too much 520 glue, the key glasses frame force area is also relatively small, can not withstand too much pressure.


If the glasses frame is metal, it is not recommended to choose welding, because the high temperature when welding will burn around the glasses frame discoloration, glasses plating layer is also easy to get destroyed, the degree of beauty is also much worse, if the alloy copper glasses frame, also not recommended welding.


A lot of optical stores do not have the service of replacing eyeglass frames, because the price of eyeglass frames is not expensive, if only to replace a frame, it is not worth the loss, you can go to some small optical stores to see, some small optical stores are able to replace the eyeglass frames.