Can Wearing Sunglasses Prevent High Beam when Driving at Night

November 23,2022

The most annoying thing about driving at night is being affected by high beam. So, if we wear sunglasses when driving at night, can we prevent high beam? Of course, the answer is no.




What are sunglasses?


Sunglasses are not ordinary one, but glasses with polarization and brightness level functions. It can effectively filter the strong light, improve the color contrast of the scene, and make the driver's vision clearer. Ordinary sunglasses without polarization function can only reduce the brightness of light entering the eyes. But without polarization, they can do nothing for many strong lights.


Wear sunglasses when driving towards the sun in the morning or at dusk


In the morning and evening, the sun can usually enter the car at an oblique angle. Without sunglasses, you will feel very dazzling. In addition to the reflection of other vehicle glass and roadside buildings, sometimes you can't see the road clearly. At this time, you should find a pair of sunglasses to wear.


Wear sunglasses when driving on snowy roads


What can reflect light is not only the car glass and roadside buildings, but also the diffuse reflection caused by the snow on the road, and even the "snow blindness" when driving in the snow for a long time. Sunglasses with brightness level function can effectively improve the light intensity entering the eyes and help drivers see the road ahead clearly.


Sunglasses can also be used in heavy rain driving


In the same way, the water on the road surface will also reflect in the rainstorm. In addition, the vision is blurred, so many drivers will always be nervous in the rain. But sunglasses have a magical function, which can instantly clear the line of sight through polarized light filtering. However, when the rain is too heavy, you'd better find a suitable place to have a rest before going on the road.


Wearing sunglasses at noon can relieve eye fatigue


Every noon is also the time when the sun is strongest, especially on sunny days, which often makes people dizzy. Needless to say, please wear sunglasses to relieve eye fatigue at this time.