All You Need To Know About Zoom Eyewear Reading Glasses

November 01,2021

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Reading glasses have almost become a must-wear for the elderly. There are many zoom eyewear reading glasses on the market, which automatically adjust the focal length of the lens as needed so that the wearer can get a clear image in any situation. Therefore, it has become a popular gift for the elders so that there are many a professional zoom eyewear reading glasses exporter now.


So without further ado, let's get started at how it works. Moving on...


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How does it work?

The distance sensor in the glasses bridge uses infrared light to calculate the distance between the glasses and the object. The curvature of the lens controls the focal length, which also occurs in the eye.


Changing the curvature of the liquid lens allows the wearer of smart glasses to focus on whatever is being viewed. It takes about 14 milliseconds to change the focus, and the rechargeable battery in the smart glasses frame can work continuously for more than 24 hours.


So next on the agenda is to tell the difference. 


The difference between zoom reading glasses and ordinary reading glasses

The two processes are different. The so-called zoom means that there are many different degrees of focus on the lens. For example, the upper and lower mirrors may correspond to 100 degrees, 200 degrees, etc., and the middle mirror is a transition zone with many degrees distributed. The focus of the eyeball can be obtained by what degree.


There are three main types of reading glasses on the market, namely single-lens lens, double-lens lens, and progressive multifocal lens.


Single-lens can only be used to look near, and you need to take off your glasses when looking far away, which has been basically eliminated in foreign countries.


Bifocals refer to the upper half of the lens used to see far and the lower half of the lens is used to see near, but this kind of reading glasses has a jumping phenomenon and an unsightly appearance. It has been gradually replaced by a progressive multifocal lens.


Progressive multifocal lenses can meet the needs of viewing objects at different distances from far, middle, and near. The appearance is also very good. The foreign penetration rate has been quite high, and more and more people are using it in China. Domestic optometry experts agree that in the future, progressive multifocal reading glasses are expected to fully replace traditional reading glasses.


Auto-zoom is auto-focusing. In general auto-focusing cameras, there is a CCD that senses the phase. Through the analysis of the phase, the single-chip microcomputer controls the drive motor to adjust the focus. Of course, it is optics, it depends on the induction of phases.


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What does zoom reading glasses autofocus mean?

It means that the luminosity of different parts of the lens is different, and the line of sight of the eye must find the corresponding area, which can play the role of different luminosity.


Smart zoom reading glasses are also progressive lenses that can automatically focus on any objects the wearer is looking at, no matter if these objects are far or near.


Finally, an experienced zoom eyewear reading glasses exporter recommends that you need to follow the doctor’s recommendations to wear them correctly. In addition, zoom eyewear reading glasses need a certain period of adaptation. In the beginning, there may be symptoms of shaking and distortion of vision.


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