Advantages of Acetate Lens Frame

August 11,2022

There are two kinds of lens frames made of acetate fiber: plate frame and injection frame. They are also one of the main raw materials of plastic lens frames. The so-called plate in the glasses industry generally refers to acetate fiber.




Compared with ordinary plastics, acetate fiber has the following characteristics:


  • Good machining performance. The cutting performance of the cellulose acetate resin sheet is particularly good, especially suitable for machining processes such as turning, punching, planing, and cutting, and the machined surface is smooth.


  • Good transparency. The light transmittance of the plate can reach more than 90% and can be used as a glass.


  • Beautiful appearance and good feel. The color of the board is soft, and it feels like jade when touched.


  • Easy for surface polishing and coloring. The polishing and coloring performance of the plate is very good, the surface finish after polishing is high, and the color can penetrate the surface layer when coloring, and never fade.


  • Low density, good material toughness, not easy to fracture. It can be bent and pressed in a large range under high temperatures, and it is not easy to deform under normal temperatures.
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