Acetate Fiber Frame v.s. Plastic Frame

September 26,2022

Acetate fiber frame is a common eyewear frame on the market. It has light texture and good gloss, and is popular with young people.


The scientist Paul Sch ü tzenberge first developed this fiber in 1865. It is one of the earliest synthetic fibers. After years of research, until 1940, cellulose acetate became one of the most critical raw materials in the production of spectacle frames.




Why are acetate frames so unique?


The production of this frame can realize various colors and patterns without painting the frame.


The layering of this material brings different degrees of transparency and patterns to the eyeglass frame. Then this beautiful design makes acetate fiber plate frame a better choice than ordinary plastic frame.


Acetate frame V.S. plastic frame


This frame is lighter and generally considered to be better than plastic one. Acetate fiber board is famous for its low sensitization, so it is a common choice for people with sensitive skin. Unlike some plastic or metal frames, they can cause allergic reactions.


You can find very high quality plastic frames. However, they are generally not more popular than acetate frames for the following reasons:


  • The manufacturing process makes the plastic frame more brittle than the acetate fiber frame;
  • If there is no metal bracket on the temples, plastic glasses are difficult to adjust;
  • Less choice of colors and patterns

But one thing you will notice is that acetate frames are usually more expensive than ordinary plastic frames.


But eye frames are our daily necessities for a long time. In this sense, durability is essential, and the service life of acetate fiber frame is longer.




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