10 ways to Celebrate American Independence Day in Aspen

July 04,2022

July 4 of each year is the independence day of the United States (also known as fourth of July or July fourth), which commemorates the adoption of the declaration of independence on July 4, 1776, and is the national day of the American people.


China's National Day holiday has seven days, so what will Americans do on National Day?


American Independence Day


On this day, the United States will not only have a holiday, but also hold large-scale parade in the streets. Church bells of all sizes across the United States will ring, and fireworks will be displayed everywhere to commemorate American independence.


When you come to Aspen at this time, you can also participate in various Independence Day celebrations. Aspen snowdrift mountain ski village will lead you to experience the pure American style.


  1. Buji volunteer competition


Put on your running shoes, fasten your shoelaces, and start running! The 31st boogie's buddy race is about to start, which is organized by the buddy program in Aspen. Contestants can choose classic track and field events or family and pet friendly one kilometer walking events. The race started at 7 a.m. on July 4, and the starting point and ending point are Rio Grande park.


  1. Traditional Independence Day parade


Wear red, white and blue clothes with American style, watch the parade in the urban area, and feel the strong American festival atmosphere. The independence day tour starts at 11 a.m.


  1. Demon's wine bowl


Devil's Punchbowl has a terrible name because of its special terrain. The whole area covers 1300 acres and has a 7.5-mile trail for tourists to hike and ride horses. The footpath passes through the canyon formed by flood alluvium, watches the oblique rocks, and has a natural center to understand the local wildlife and park history. There you can see someone jump into the water from the rock.


  1. Aspen Music Festival and college Independence Day Concert


Go to Benedict music tent to listen to traditional American songs, such as the Star Spangled Banner, Yankee Doodle, liberty for all, etc. The concert starts at 4 p.m.


  1. Riding in Huiling mountain


Get your gear ready for an 18 mile ride to maroon bells. The scenery at the top of the mountain is definitely worth your trip. It has the most charming original ecological scenery in Colorado. If you think the ride is too long, you can take a bus from Aspen heights to brown bell mountain, and then take a short walk near maroon lake.


  1. Independence Day picnic


Follow Aspen Valley Ski and snowboard club to Koch lumber park for a picnic. There are ice cream houses, beer shops and children's favorite games in the park. Adults are $20, and children aged 10 and under are $15.


  1. Art Museum


Free access to the Aspen Art Museum. The art museum is displayed on three floors. Don't miss cappuccino in the coffee shop on the top floor. The scenery there is wonderful.


  1. Dining in an open-air restaurant


Independence Day is the busiest time of the year in Aspen. At this time, of course, you should choose an open-air seat outside the restaurant, feel the style of the city while eating, and see all kinds of passers-by. The recommended restaurants are: the Grey Lady (signature dish: lobster roll), AJAX tavern (signature dish: truffle chips), the red onion (signature dish: pork sandwich with shredded pork).


  1. American lake hiking


What is more meaningful than hiking the American lake on Independence Day? The hiking route is 5.9 miles long. If you start after lunch, you still have time to barbecue outdoors with your friends in the evening.


  1. Street dance


At 8 p.m., watch a street dance performance at mill street/cooper Ave.