10 ways to Celebrate American Independence Day in Aspen

July 04,2022

July 4 of each year is the independence day of the United States (also known as fourth of July or July fourth), which commemorates the adoption of the declaration of independence on July 4, 1776, and is the national day of the American people.


Introduction to the Origin and Customs of Canada Day

July 01,2022

July 1 is a legal holiday in Canada - Canada Day, which is also Canada's national day. Judging from this national day, Canada is a very young country! Why?


How to Make Acetate Glasses?

June 16,2022

In order to obtain the highest quality, it is important to use the highest grade of cellulose acetate. Each framework has hundreds of complex processes, and many craftsmen have contributed to the final product.


Can you repair a broken eyeglass frame?

June 06,2022

Glasses frame is broken can be repaired, you can use tape or use 520 glue to stick the glasses frame, but after sticking, the beauty of the glasses frame will be greatly affected, especially when using tape, from the outside can be clearly seen, you can also go to the optical store to replace a leg.


When should I Wear Reading Glasses?

May 31,2022

Presbyopia is a symptom that everyone has. The elderly generally need to wear reading glasses when they have the following symptoms.


What Situation Should Wear Sunglasses

May 18,2022

Summer light is strong, many people are wearing sunglasses, which is a good protection for our eyes, but you know what cases should wear sunglasses, and what cases not?


Classification of Sunglasses Lens Material

April 29,2022

Summer is coming, UV rays are stronger, many people wear sunglasses in order to shelter their eyes, there are many kinds of sunglasses lenses, so what material of sunglasses lenses is better? Let's take a look at it!


What are the Misunderstandings of Wearing Reading Glasses?

April 02,2022

People tend to be dazzled in middle and old age, so it is essential to choose a suitable pair of presbyopia glasses. Wearing presbyopic glasses is also very learned. Otherwise, wearing inappropriate glasses will not only alleviate the dazzle but also backfire. So, what are the misunderstandings of wearing reading glasses?